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European Union  |  March 05, 2024 19:18:00, updated

Commission welcomes political agreement on Plant Health Law

Plant Health Law

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU yesterday on new rules proposed by the Commission on plant health. These amendments will help protect plant health in the EU more effectively, which is vital for a competitive and sustainable agricultural and horticultural production. The measures include, for example, increased phytosanitary guarantees and a more transparent procedure for granting temporary derogations from import prohibitions. Furthermore, the amended rules streamline reporting obligations and cut administrative burden, for example by requiring only a single annual report on controls of passengers' luggage and postal packages for personal use. The amended Regulation also establishes a Union Plant Health Team of technical experts who will provide urgent assistance to Member States confronted with a new plant pest outbreak. The Team may also assist third countries in cases of outbreaks that could threaten the EU.

The Council and Parliament will formally adopt the amended Regulation in the coming weeks.

Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety said: “Plant diseases can have a huge impact on our harvests, causing terrible losses for farmers and disrupting our food chain. Recent experiences in fighting the Xylella outbreaks are telling. Today's agreement is another crucial step towards bolstering our defenses against new plant pests entering and spreading within the EU. By doing so, we're ensuring better protection of our forests and landscapes as well as of our farmers' livelihoods, and the stability of our food supply."

EU rules on plant health aim to protect crops, fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and forests from harmful pests and diseases (quarantine pests) by preventing their introduction into the EU or their spread within the EU. See more: Plant health and biosecurity - European Commission (

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