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European Alliance for Industrial Data, Edge and Cloud presents its first deliverables

Today the Commission welcomes the handover by the Alliance members of two main outputs: the updated cloud-edge strategic industrial roadmap and the requirements for a cloud-based platform for the Aeronautics, Security and Defence sector.

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European Commission

Parallel to these activities, the Commission continues to work on delivering a non-binding Commission Guidance on common European standards and requirements for the public procurement of data processing services based on the input of the Alliance.

The updated cloud-edge strategic industrial roadmap is a collective effort of the main European cloud and edge industry players to identify areas of investment for the joint development and deployment of the next generation of European cloud and edge technologies. It serves as crucial input for the European Commission in the definition of the upcoming European digital investment programmes, ensuring their alignment with the strategies, needs and goals of European businesses. All in all, the roadmap will strengthens Europe's position in cloud and edge technologies and fosters the emergence of a vibrant and competitive European Cloud and Edge industrial ecosystem and market.

The Aeronautics, Security and Defence sector faces yet stricter security requirements when handling information in the cloud. The lack of harmonization in the accreditation of cloud solutions and cloud-based collaborative platforms, as well as in the protection and security of sensitive information that would cover the whole lifecycle of industrial programmes and projects in this sector are among the main challenges that have driven the effort of this working group. The result is a set of functional requirements of a potential industrial digital collaboration platform, that will pave the way for a standardised, highly secure, and accredited framework for a cloud-based collaboration architecture and its governance, creating trust among Member States and safeguarding data from unauthorised access.

Finally, as envisaged in the Data Strategy the Commission is currently also working on delivering a non-binding Commission Guidance on common European standards and requirements for the public procurement of data processing services. The Guidance will ensure a harmonised European approach to public procurement of such services and the corresponding practices in public sector bodies across the Member States. To reflect the needs and requirements on the side of the Member States public administrations, input for the Guidance was prepared in collaboration with Member States experts gathering under the Alliance Member States Cloud Cooperation Group. As part of the 2nd Alliance Forum, the Commission also consulted a broad range of relevant stakeholders, including data processing service providers and consumers whose feedback will be duly considered in the drafting of the forthcoming Guidance.

European Industrial Technology Roadmap for the Next-Generation Cloud-Edge

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