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The Youth Work and Holiday Programme allows young people from the Czech Republic and Australia to travel and work legally in the country for up to 12 months.

Youth Work and Holiday Programme

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The programme allows young people from the Czech Republic and Australia to travel and work legally in the country for up to 12 months. The programme is open to Czech citizens aged 18 to 30 and Australians aged 18 to 26. Starting from March 1, 2022 the Youth Work and Holiday Programme has been renewed for another period of two years, until February 29, 2024.

The Youth Work and Holiday Program is an exceptional program that enables young people to experience foreign countries and different cultures. For example, the Czech Republic has a similar programme with New Zealand.

The information for australian applicants for a visa in the Programme Work and holiday at the Consulate General of the Czech Republic can be found HERE.

Applications of Czech citizens for the visa in the Australian Work and Holiday Programme (visa subclass 462) can be made via the Australian Department of Home Affairs website HERE.

An applicant from the Czech Republic must meet the following conditions:

(a) is a citizen of the Czech Republic;

(b) declares that the purpose of his/her stay in Australia is that established in Paragraph 1;

(c) is between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty (30) inclusive on the date the application is submitted;

(d) will not be accompanied by dependent children;

(e) holds a valid Czech passport;

(f) holds a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase it;

(g) possesses sufficient funds for personal support during the period of initial three months of stay in Australia;

(h) pays the stipulated visa application fee;

(i) produces evidence of health insurance as required by the laws and regulations of Australia; this health insurance is to cover, inter alia, hospitalisation, repatriation and transport of the mortal remains into the Czech Republic;

(j) meets the health and character requirements necessary for entry into the territory of Australia under its laws;

(k) has not previously taken part in Australia’s Working Holiday or Work and Holiday programmes;

(l) possesses a functional level of English;

(m) has successfully completed at least two years of tertiary education; and

From 1 March 2021, the Australian authorities no longer require Czech applicants to submit a Letter of Government Support or a Letter of Support issued by an educational institution (university).

We recommend to potential Czech applicants to check on the website of the Australian authorities whether the quota has already been exhausted before submitting an application for an Australian work and holiday visa.

It is also strongly recommended to follow the current travel arrangements against the Covid-19 pandemic HERE. Australia reserves the right to change the rules and travel conditions for allowing foreigners into the country at any time as measures evolve.

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