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European Union  |  February 15, 2024 02:00:00, updated

data-sharing platform between Digital Services Coordinators and the Commission ready for operation (DSA - AGORA)

On 15 February 2024, the European Commission has adopted the Implementing act on a data-sharing platform between Member States and the Commission.

DSA - AGORA: data-sharing platform between Digital Services Coordinators and the Commission ready for operation

The AGORA platform will be the backbone for the supervision, investigation, enforcement and monitoring of services within the scope of the DSA.

AGORA will start operations on 17 February 2024, the date of entry into force of the full DSA framework and of assumption of powers of the Digital Services Coordinators appointed under the DSA’s implementation laws.

As part of the obligations under the DSA, the Commission has established and will maintain a secure information-sharing system to support communications between the Digital Services Coordinators (DSCs) in the Member States, the Commission, and the European Board for Digital Services (composed of the DSCs). The Commission, the DSCs and the Board have to use AGORA for all communications relating to the enforcement of the DSA.

The Implementing Act sets out the practical and operational arrangements for the set-up, maintenance, and operation of the platform, and in particular:

  • It establishes the responsibilities of the Commission, the Digital Service Coordinators, and the Board in Agora
  • It specifies the access rights to the platform, confidentiality obligations for the system’s users, as well as translation, and security measures that Agora will implement
  • It details the personal data aspects and the different roles that the multiple authorities will be playing in this regard

In accordance article 6(1) of the implementing act, DSCs have already appointed administrators and will gradually onboard users onto the platform.


Article 85 of the Digital Services Act requires the Commission to establish and maintain a reliable and secure information sharing system supporting communications between Digital Services Coordinators, the Commission, and the Board. The DSA also requires the Commission to adopt implementing acts laying down the practical and operational arrangements for the functioning of the system.

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